SQL Production

Manufacturing Process Planning & Costing Control

SQL Production allows real time sync with inventory systems. Massive production is more visible to access the actual efficiency and productivity from each production line. With the precision of production data in the system will assist the costing calculation, cost variances, work in progress control and materials planning.
Manufacturing reports include
  • BOM Trees
  • BOM Material Usage
  • BOM Planner
  • BOM Assembly Detail Listing
  • Outstanding Job Order Listing with materials shortage summary
  • BOM Wastage
  • Work in Progress Report
  • Stock Assembly-JO vs AS Variance

Overview of Manufacturing Business Flow

Overview of Manufacturing Business Flow
Recipes Master  

Recipes Master

Bill of Material (BOM) is a comprehensive inventory of the raw materials, parts, components or sub-assembly required to manufacture/assemble a product. Recall recipes to generate Job Order and plan the materials availability daily or weekly. Comparison with a standard and actual for cost and qty delivered a variance report to assist QC in making decisions.

Product Costing

Cost of manufacturing can be obtained from the bill of materials (BOM) in the SQL Production package. Actual material cost can be pulled from the Purchase Good Received module. In addition the landing cost can be absorbed as part of the materials purchase cost in the BOM. Cost reports are recorded for the assembly items. More cost types are user definable in the BOM such as labour, machine and overhead cost.
  Product Costing
Production Materials Planning
Production Materials Planning   Materials consumption planning is based on the customer PO by converting into Job Order to work out the total materials requirements. Reorder advice based on hand material stock plus outstanding PO and JO compared with the different reorder level for each materials stock. It will advise purchasers to plan the next purchase and delivery date before the materials stock has run out of stock. Quick generate PO based on reorder advise result.
Work in Progress Control
Materials transfer into the production warehouse. Materials which is not consumed during a month will classified as Work-in Progress.   Work in Progress Control
Traceability by Batch Production  

Traceability by Batch Production

Reduce the time to trace out the defective manufactured items that were returned by the customer from delivery order till production assembly where details of production information are recorded like materials usage, machine, etc. Add-on the batch module can record the manufacture date and expiry date for barcode label printing.

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