Genius F&B POS

Why Genius Pos System ?

Genius Pos System is a pos system founded by Steve Ong and Roland Ong with the ambition to solve the problem of restauranteur. Genius Pos System as user friendly, more features, stable, affordable and simple.
Genius F&B POS   Genius F&B POS   Genius F&B POS


Powerful Features  
Table Management Easy to edit the layout of dining table in the restaurant. The restauranteur free to add/edit/remove/resize the table based on the actual layout.
Multiple Payment Method More than traditional payment method like cash and credit card. Genius Pos System allows your customers to make payment in voucher, WeChat Pay, Alipayan etc. The customers also able to split payment in a case customer want to spread their payment across a few vouchers and cash.
Online QR Ordering Online ordering is the latest function in iPad Genius Pos System to reduce business’s backend workload greatly. Customer can order easily through online menu by scanning the QR code on the table and add remarks based on their preference on the selected item from the menu.
User Friendly  
The setting and program design are easy to use. All icons in menu setting are adjustable based on user preferences.
The overall layout of program is easy to find and use. More than 200 settings that suitable for all range of F&B Businesses.
Cloud Real Time Reporting  
Generate the daily sales data and compute the summary report with the function of sales comparison of each day or months.
The report will send to Cloud system and each branch will received the report at the same time.
  Introduction of Genius POS